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WELCOME to the new and improved Kletke-Durham genealogy website. It has been several years since I've update the information online; but now that I've switched to a database driven website, updates should be easier and more frequent to make. So please look through the site and feel free to email me any additions, corrections or media that you'd like to see added.

Dan Kletke

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Robert & Martha Tecklenburg
Robert & Martha Tecklenburg

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After the death of Hilda (Kletke) Kirmse, I was given a collection of letters written between 1903 and 1947 by relatives in Germany to their family in the United States. Many of these letters depict the poverty of the common people in Germany after WWII. Those letters have now been translated into English and I will be publishing them online over the next few weeks. Go to the "DOCUMENTS" section to read the first few.


In this online genealogy I would like to include photographs of the headstones for members of our family who have passed on. If you have any pictures or are near a cemetery where someone in our family is resting, please forward those pictures on to me and I will make sure they are included. Thanks!


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